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  Tailgating Areas & Map

Boulevard - 2015 Season Map
The pricing below is for individuals only. If you would like to promote your business on The Boulevard, please contact Jeff Brown in the sponsorship department at 214-768-4216 or

- Tailgate Spot with 1 adjacent parking spot


- Tailgate spot with 1 remote parking spot


- Tailgate spot with 1 remote parking spot
- Student tent with 3 bartenders
- Large tent space rental with 1 remote parking spot


* Season Boulevard Mustang Club donation (Peruna Donation Level/$1,000) and season ticket holder required

Luxurious Tailgate Suites
Each week SMU plays host to a football game, Block Party Suites will transform Binkley Avenue into the ultimate tailgate village by delivering turnkey mobile tailgate suites to campus for an unrivaled gameday experience. For more information click here.

Framed Tents for Groups
Tent and other rental orders are now placed directly with M&M The Special Events Company by calling 214-350-5373 or by email For tent rentals and regulations click here.

Where is my Remote Parking Spot?
Remote parking spots will be assigned in the closest parking lot available.

  Boulevard Guidelines

Boulevard - 2015 Gameday Map
Fans who wish to tailgate on The Boulevard must adhere to the following guidelines:
  • All areas must be pre-purchased and assigned through the SMU Athletic Department (no exceptions).
  • All tailgating/barbecuing equipment must remain within the purchased area and cannot infringe on others' designated areas.
  • No cancellations or refunds available upon purchase of Boulevard spot.
  • SMU Athletics is not responsible for personal items in your tent/boulevard spot on game day.
  • The Boulevard closes to vehicle traffic two hours prior to kickoff, the exception being the Oct. 26 Homecoming game when the Boulevard will close to traffic three hours prior to kickoff. Vehicles will not be allowed on The Boulevard without an official SMU vendor pass.
  • Please keep our campus clean and green. Recycle all cans in the provided blue bins and dispose of all trash in the green bins.

  •   Tent Rentals & Regulations

    Tent and other rental orders are now placed directly with M&M The Special Events Company by calling 214-350-5373 or by email Click here (.pdf) for rates on tent rentals with M&M. Fans who erect their own tents on The Boulevard must follow the following guidelines:

  • Tents may be erected in areas approved for tailgating only. Tents must not be in an automobile traffic flow route or designated pedestrian path. Tents may not interfere with assigned parking spaces.
  • Tents must be erected without stakes for support.
  • Tents must be made of a fire-retardant material.
  • Tents must be red, blue or white in color.
  • Tents must be for entertainment purposes only. No commercial business or display may be made without prior written approval from SMU.
  • All tents larger than a 10x10 must have proper permits from the University Park Fire Department.

  •   Alcohol Consumption Regulations

    Fans that choose to consume alcohol prior to the game must follow these guidelines:

  • For Boulevard holders with guests of legal drinking age, alcohol consumption is allowed while tailgating in designated areas on the SMU campus. Individuals must provide their own alcohol.
  • Alcohol must be served in self-provided paper or plastic cups. For safety reasons, open containers, kegs, and glass bottles are not allowed.
  • No liquor. Beer and wine are permitted.
  • The sale of alcohol on the SMU campus is not allowed.
  • SMU affiliated student and alumni organizations/schools and corporate and visiting team hospitality tents require a minimum of two officially licensed bartenders from the SMU Athletics' concessionaire.
  • Responsible and appropriate behavior is required when consuming alcohol on the SMU campus. Inappropriate behavior may result in sanctions by law enforcement authorities and forfeitures of tailgating privileges.

  •   Grilling Regulations

    For some fans, gameday isn't gameday without a barbeque. On gameday, tailgating may only occur on open, paved surfaces on The Boulevard. Before you fire up the grill, please note the following grilling guidelines:

  • Trailers are not allowed on the grass. They must remain parked in the parking space adjacent your Boulevard spot.
  • Electric and propane/butane grills can be used in all tailgating areas.
  • Charcoal grills are permitted only on The Boulevard.
  • Grilling is not allowed in parking garages.
  • For safety reasons, special red 55-gallon disposal bins will be provided for safe coal disposal.
  • For everyone's safety, fire extinguishers are required when grilling on campus.
  • Grilling should cease one-half hour before kickoff.

  •   Catering Regulations

    SMU preferred caterers are the only permissible caterers on The Boulevard.

    PLEASE NOTE :: Drop-offs are no longer allowed on The Boulevard. Only vehicles with valid parking passes will be allowed access to The Boulevard. If you want to have catering delivered to your spot you must go through The Boulevard's Preferred Caterers List.

    All approved SMU Athletic Vendor catering from the Preferred Caterers List is now ordered directly through SMU Catering.

    For your convenience, we now have online ordering available at or you may call Scott Rubin at 214-768-2368.

    Ice can be purchased through Emergency Ice at 214-631-3535.

      Directions and Arriving Time

    The Boulevard will be open most of the day on gameday so come early and come often for the greatest tailgating atmosphere in the southwest.

    The Boulevard is located on Bishop Boulevard in the heart of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Just west of Gerald J. Ford Stadium, Bishop Boulevard is located less than one mile from the Mockingbird exit on Highway 75 in Dallas.

    For directions to SMU, click here.

    If you have any questions about The Boulevard please feel free to call SMU Athletics at 214-768-4263.

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