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October 18, 2005

Hey Mustang Fans!

Okay well long time since my last entry; but things here at SMU are just flying by. As a senior, I am busy trying to get through this last semester of school, keep performing well on the vball court, and figure out what do do with the rest of my life! Not to mention I have to take care of this annoying shoulder injury I have been dealing with. Rehab is fun and the training room is my favorite place on campus. I love Jeanne (our trainer)!

Anyway, High Fives all around for the team!!! We are coming off a great weekend, whipping up on Tulane and UTEP at home!!!! We actually did so well that we've scored a couple days off to let our bodies rest up and to stay ahead in school, or catch up (However you want to look at it?)

As for the team off the court, things are pretty normal except one of our girls (whose name I can't menion due to HIPPA) is randomly swelling up? :-) The funny thing is as swollen as her face and eyes get, she still looks beautiful in pink!!

Seriously though, our positive approach to playing is really paying off. Natalie is just smashing our blocking records and Steffie is doing a great job in her new major role on the floor. Our defense is amazing as always and everyone is playing really well. Practice has been really fun and competitive so we should just keep rolling through Conference USA.

Anyway, we are home AGAIN this week so be sure to come check us out. We'll be giving tons of high-fives and looking to add a couple more W's to the record!!!

See you Friday!
High Five!!!

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