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September 13 , 2005

Hey Mustang Fans!

I figured it was time to give y'all another update...Sorry it's been a couple weeks but man things really go by quickly once school and season both get going. School is definitely in full throttle and we are just about done with our pre-season matches and we are about to start our conference matches.

Anyway, I want to say congrats to Caitlin and Nettie for making all tournament team at the SMU tournament two weekends ago and to Rachel for taking all tournament last weekend at Duke. (Which, by the way playing in Duke's famous coliseum was awesome...and those facilities, unbelievable.) Also, I want to send a BIG CONGRATS out to our Mustang football team. Beating TCU and getting back that Iron Skillet is awesome! We all actually watched the game from North Carolina on Stephanie's computer and Coach was nice enough to bring us some cookies! Thanks Coach!

Anyway, we've learned a lot these last few weeks. We've played some AWESOME matches, but we've also had a couple rough ones. The good news is we are still totally focused on our goal to win Conference USA...and it all starts tonight when we take on Tulsa at our house. You can actually watch the game live online. Just click here and you can enjoy the game online.

I actually just got a really exciting phone call from some of our #1 fans, the soccer boys. They are looking for spandex, so if you happen to see some crazy guys running around in full on vball gear, don't worry. Also, don't assume they are related to me just because they are wearing my number! They are just coming to help cheer us through this season! I'm sure they may cause a little ruckus while they're at it...but hey, what are fans for!

Well on that note, I need to wrap this up...Be sure to come yell for us at all our upcoming matches and get pumped for Conference USA vball 2005.

For the record
Steffie, tell your spandex to watch out for the toilet.
The Duke facilities guy needs to intern at Moody!
Steph, was that an overshare?
Rae and Zener I really enjoyed our "walk" through the home depot lot.
Madison is apparently immune to electrodes.


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