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Steve  Collins

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SMU Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving Teams Continue Tradition of Volunteering

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SMU Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving Teams Continue Tradition of Volunteering

Mustangs To Volunteer At The Annual Tour Des Fleurs Benefiting The Dallas Arboretum


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Steve Collins enters his 30th year (2015-16) as the head coach of the SMU women's swimming and diving team. A two-time NCAA Coach of the Year and 12-time conference Coach of the Year, Collins has led the Mustangs to 16 conference championships in the past 19 years and continually finishes among the top teams in the NCAA. During his tenure, SMU has 15 top-10 finishes at the NCAA Championships, 10 of those in the top five. Under Collins, 93 Mustangs have earned All-America honors, 331 individual conference champion titles, and 24 student-athletes have competed in six different Olympics.

A successful coach on the international level, Collins was the head coach of the Slovakian Olympic Team at the 2004 and 2008 summer games. Collins' swimmers at SMU have earned medals at the Olympic Games, World Championships, World University Games, European, Pan American Games, Mediterranean and African Championships. Since his arrival on the Hilltop in 1986, Collins has coached 24 Olympic stars, including 1997 NCAA Swimmer of the Year while at SMU and former SMU volunteer assistant coach Martina Moravcova, who won two silver medals at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia and also competed in the 1996, 2004 and 2008 summer games in Atlanta, Georgia, Athens, Greece and Beijing, China, respectively. Five former or current Mustangs, Sara Nordenstam, Denisa Smolenova, Nina Rangelova, Therese Svendsen, and Danielle Villars, competed in the 2012 summer games in London, England.

Collins has led the Mustangs to one American championship, nine WAC championships and six C-USA championships for a total of 16 championships in the past 19 years. He led the Mustangs to their highest finish ever at the NCAA Championships in 1996, when SMU finished second in the nation and earned Collins his second NCAA National Coach of the Year award. He was also tabbed with NCAA Coach of the Year in 1991. Collins was named SWC Coach of the Year in 1990, 1991, 1993 and 1996, WAC Coach of the Year in 1997 and 1998, and C-USA Coach of the Year in 2007, 2008, and 2012.

A 1977 graduate of Florida State, Collins swam free and back events for the Seminoles and captained the Florida State team his senior year.

Before arriving on the Hilltop, Collins served six years as head coach of the South Carolina swimming program, leading the Gamecocks to two MCAC conference championships and six top-20 NCAA finishes in seven years. Born Dec. 12, 1954, in Youngstown, Ohio, Collins attended Eastmoor High School in Columbus, Ohio. Collins and his wife Toni, an SMU graduate and CPA, are proud parents of twin daughters, Kate and Hanna.

17 Conference Championships
MCAC (2): 1984, 1985
WAC (9): 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
C-USA (6): 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012
American (1): 2015

12 Coach of the Year Honors
NCAA (2)
SWC (4)
WAC (2)
C-USA (3)
American (1)

93 All-Americans
Florence Barker, 1985-1986
Channon Hermstad, 1985-1986
Laurene Lazzaretti, 1985-1986
Toni Palmer, 1985-1986-1987
Mary Pat Gaffney, 1985-1986-1987(2)-88
Jenny Jordan, 1986-1987-1988(2)-1989(2)
Krista Wilson, 1988-1989(2)-1990(3)-1991(2)
Darcy Dominick, 1989-1990(2)-1991
Alicia Voltmer, 1990(2)
Lisa Payne, 1990-1991-1992
Stacey Porter, 1990(5)-1991(5)-1992(4)
Kelly Johnson, 1990-1991-1992(2)-1993(2)
Debbie Kinsley, 1990(3)-1991(5)-1992(6)-1993(6)
Marianne Kriel, 1990(7)-1991(6)-1994(7)
Michaela Hasek, 1991-1992-1993(2)
Susan Lipscomb, 1991(4)-1992(3)
Melonie Woods, 1991-1992
Isabelle Arnould, 1992(4)
Lisa Ware, 1992(2)-1994(2)
Sarah Marsh, 1992-1994(2)
Gitta Jensen, 1992(7)-1993(7)-1994(6)-1995
Cheril Santini, 1992(3)-1993(3)-1994(2)-1995
Megan Rowland, 1993
Sheelah Turner, 1993
Sandra Cam, 1993(3)-1994(2)-1995(2)-1996(3)
Berit Puggaard, 1993(6)-1994(5)-1995(2)-1996(7)
Anita Lee, 1993(3)-1994(2)-1997(2)
Melissa Card, 1994-1995
Paige Weiskittel, 1994-1995
Marieke Mastebroek, 1994(2)-1995(HM)-1996(3)
Alex Hanel, 1994(2)-1995-1996-1997(2)
Laura Reback, 1994(3)-1995-1996-1997(3)
Alexis Gilbert, 1995(HM)
Ellen Elzerman, 1995-1996(2)
Collin Sherman, 1996
Jenny Lingamfelter, 1996(2)-1997(2)-1998(2)-1999(2)
Katie McClelland, 1996(3)-1997(6)-1998(5)-1999(5)
Martina Moravcova, 1996(7)-1997(6)-1998(6)-1999(7)
Lia Oberstar, 1996(5)-1997(6)-1998(5)-1999(3)
Alycia Ladd, 1997
Suzanne Black, 1997(2)-1998(2)-1999(2)
Katherine Inskeep, 1997(3)-1998-1999(2)
Kristin Link, 1997-1998-1999(2)
Rania Elwani, 1998(6)-1999(7)
Naoko Imoto, 1998(3)-1999(4)
Katina Maistrellis, 1998-1999-2000-2001(4)
Alison Wimer, 1998-1999(3)-2001(2)
Lauren Silva, 1999
Allison Myers, 1999(2)
Georgina Lee, 2001(5)-2002(5)-2003(5)-2004(5)
Lisa Wanberg, 2000-01(3)-2002(3)-2003(2)
Lotta Wanberg, 2000-2001(2)-2002(3)-2003(2)
McCall Dorr, 2001
Anu Koivisto, 2001(4)-2002(HM)
Lacey Elliott, 2001
Alenka Kejzar, 2001(2)-2002(3)-2003(3)
Shea Fitzgerald, 2000-2001
Flavia Rigamonti, 2002(3)-2005(2)-2006(2)
Julia Pomeroy, 2003(3)-2005(3)-2006(5)
Andrea Cassidy, 2002-2003-2004
Dallas Marshall, 2003(2)-2004
Martina Hrdinova, 2003
Corrie Clark, 2003(3)-2005(3)
Marizanne Grundlingh, 2003-04
Leane Darling, 2004(3)-05(2)-06(2)-07(4)
Michelle Vlasakova, 2004
Roxane Akradi, 2005(2)-2006
Tamara Sambrailo, 2005(2)
Celina Lemmen, 2004(2)-2005(4)-2006-2007(2)
Petra Klosova, 2006(4)-2007(9)-2008(5)-2009(5)
Angela San Juan Cisneros, 2007(3)
Jennifer Blackman, 2005-2006-2007(6)-2008(4)
Anja Carman, 2005(2)-2006(2)-2007(4)-2008(4)
Jennifer Basel, 2006
Devon Callaghan, 2007(3)-2008(2)-2009(2)
Justine Clark, 2007(3)
Katie Roberts 2006(2)-2007(2)
Michelle Vlasakova, 2007
Candace Blackman, 2005(2)-2006(4)-2008(3)-2009(3)
Audra Egenolf, 2008-2009-2010
Sascha Van den Branden, 2008(3)-2009(3)
Elzanne Werth, 2008(2)-2009(5)
Therese Svendsen, 2009(2)-2010-2011-2012(4)
Isabella Arcila, 2012(2)-2013(2)-2014-2015(2)
Monika Babok, 2012(2)-2013(2)
Erica Donadon, 2012
Genny Konicke, 2012(4)
Rachel Nicol, 2012-2014-2015
Nina Rangelova, 2012(4)-2013(2)-2014
Denisa Smolenova, 2012
Nathalie Lindborg, 2013(2)-2015
Marne Erasmus, 2014(2)-2015(2)
Tara-Lynn Nicholas, 2014-2015(2)

24 Olympians
Amy White (1984)
Susan Lipscomb (1988)
Isabelle Arnould (1988-1992)
Gitta Jensen (1988-1992)
Janine Steenkamp (1992)
Ellen Elzerman (1992)
Berit Puggaard (1992-1996)
Marianne Kriel (1992-1996)
Sandra Cam (1992-1996)
Veronica Ribot-Canales (1984-1988-1992)
Rania El-Wani (1992-1996-2000)
Martina Moracova (1992-1996-2000-2004-2008)
Naoko Imoto (1996)
Anu Koivisto (1996-2000)
Georgina Lee (2000-2004)
Alenka Kejzar (1996-2000-2004)
Lotta Wanberg (2004)
Petra Klosova (2004-2008)
Anja Carman (2004-2008-2012)
Flavia Rigamonti (2000-2004-2008)
Angela San Juan Cisneros (2008)
Sara Nordenstam (2008-2012)
Denisa Smolenova (2008-2012)
Nina Rangelova (2012)
Therese Svendsen (2012)
Danielle Villars (2012)

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