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Entry 8

Hello Backsplash readers!

This is Julie Pollard, a senior Mustang Rower. This past weekend, team members celebrated Homecoming with alumnae rowers and had a great time. Also, we recently finished our last fall regatta, which was in my hometown, Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Head of the Hooch is the second largest regatta in the United States and is an amazing sight to see. The entire river front is covered with boats and eager rowers. Many parents came from all over to support us... which we love! This past fall has been a successful season against tough competition. Through the 40 mph winds at Oklahoma City, the beautiful weather in Austin, or the pretty fall colors in Chattanooga, we rowed hard and are looking forward to rowing faster in the spring.

We have just begun our winter season that will continue until Spring Break, when our first spring race will be here in Dallas on March 8th versus Creighton. During the winter, we look forward to new ways to spice the erg up (if that ever can be done). Doing yoga with Chinook and weights with our new weight coach this year, Amber, will allow us to become flexible and strong.

This year has already flown by, and I am excited to see how we will do this up coming spring in my last season as a Mighty Mustang! Have a great Thanksgiving and good luck on exams!

-Julie Pollard '08

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