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Entry 7

Hi Mustang fans, my name is Danielle Nehf and I'm a junior on the SMU Women's Rowing Team. We just returned from Chattanooga, Tennessee, where we found tough competitors like Duke, University of Central Florida, and University of Tennessee. Collectively we came off the water with great performances and some bling bling to show for it. The Head of the Hooch marked the end of our 2007 fall season and leaves three months of winter training ahead of us before we're back on the water.

Now the team is officially moving indoors to the weight room but relying mostly on erging with our goal of becoming a Top 25 ranked program. We have high hopes for this next spring season after seeing the fall results and come on...who isn't looking forward to Spring Break Training Week?!!

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and POONYYYYYYYYY UPPPPPP!!!!!!!

-Danielle Nehf '09

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