Women's Rowing

Entry 16

Hello Rowing Fans! My name is Lauren Doucet and I am a freshman enjoying my first spring semester of racing at SMU. In the past month SMU Women's Rowing had some successful dual races against Creighton, Alabama, and UT, but we are now focused on gearing up for our biggest races of the season.

This past week consisted of some seat racing along with many intense practices, and concluded with new boat lineups. Now that new crews have been set, we are working hard each and every day to be successful and get ready for our race this weekend at SIRA (Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championship Regatta) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

This morning was a great example of each person on the team going to a new level of intensity and pulling hard for each other when we did one thousand meter pieces on the erg. It always makes me feel good to see my teammates working hard and striving to improve each day. When the girls pull hard for me it makes me pull hard for them, and that is how we become successful.

Stay tuned to SMU Rowing for results from SIRA. We head out in two days and plan on returning with some big wins!

--Lauren Doucet '11

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