Women's Rowing

Entry 13

Hello all! My name is Emily Van Volkinburg and I'm a sophomore coxswain on the rowing team. Winter training has come and gone, and with the warming of the weather and the past couple of weeks of practice on the water, everyone is excited for the spring racing season to get underway.

This week is spring break and as our classmates packed their bags for exotic locales, we prepped for a week of training at the lovely Cabo San White Rock. The week started off strong with our first regatta of the spring season against Creighton University. It was rewarding to see how all of the intense winter training paid off, especially on our home turf.

The week continued on with three-a-day practices at the lake consisting of speed workouts, technique sessions, and steady-state pieces. This week allows for everyone to have a chance to focus on rowing without stressing about classes. Its a lot of hard work, but everyone is getting more fit and skilled, which is definitely going to benefit us in the rest of our races. Plus, it doesn't hurt that you get to spend a week hanging out at the lake with some of your best friends!

Hope to see you at one of our upcoming races! Row Mustangs!

-Emily Van Volkinburg '10

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