Women's Rowing

Entry 1

It's our first official team meeting of the fall, the entire rowing team is sitting in the conference room, and coach asks us all a fundamental question: "What does it mean to be an SMU rower?" We were asked to write (in essay form of course) what being a part of this team meant to each of us. Part of my answer was the belief that I was a part of something so much bigger than just myself. Not only do we represent the team, but we represent the entire school no matter where we go or what we do. At that moment it hit me how proud I am to be a member of this team.

My name is Krystal Kulka and I am one of the senior captains for this coming year. Driving down here with my dad from Edmonton, Alberta Canada two weeks ago made me realize two things: one, that it is a really really long drive (three days long to be exact!); and two, that in just nine short months my time here as an SMU rower will sadly be over, but the memories I've made both on and off the team will last forever.

After going our separate ways in May for the summer we are all back and ready to start preparing for our fall season. Saturday morning was our first official practice of the year, and for some, it was their first practice ever as a member of the SMU Rowing team. We charged up and down the football stadium stairs and ended our first day back with an amazing team breakfast at our coach's house.

With our first race just over a month away, the upcoming 5am water practices, hour runs down Katy trail, and an intensive weight program are all part of what we need to do to make our team the best it's ever been. We have an amazing group of girls coming back this year, as well as nine very determined freshmen recruits all ready to be Mustang Rowers! I am so excited to see how far this team goes!

-Krystal Kulka '08

8/26/07 :: Krystal Kulka
9/16/07 :: K.C. Burke
9/27/07 :: Krystal Harman
10/4/07 :: Bianca Medici
10/22/07 :: Alexa Tuszynski
11/9/07 :: Danielle Nehf
11/13/07 :: Julie Pollard
12/2/07 :: Janice Merideth
12/11/07 :: Katelyn Verner
1/29/08 :: Ellen Cieszkiewicz
2/26/08 :: Caitlin Ludwig
3/14/08 :: Emily Van Volkinburg
3/20/08 :: Amanda DeGroff
4/3/08 :: Torre Kean
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