Women's Golf

Entry 3 by Paige Martin:

Our last tournament of the fall season was in Las Vegas. I think that our team has set the standard pretty high on how to have fun. For those of you who have not been to Vegas there is a Stratosphere that is a viewing tower of the city. It is about 1000 feet in the air, and has thrill rides on the top. We rode two of them and I think the whole team would agree it was a thrill of a lifetime. We even got coach up there with us! We were hanging off the side of the tower looking down! How about that for my first semester playing college golf?

The tournament had a very good field and we were hoping to do well in it. We had great weather all three days. The elements could not have been better to play good golf. We all seemed to struggle though. We learned what we needed to work on over the break between our fall and spring seasons. Although this is my first semester I have learned a lot about our team. All of the girls have great attitudes, and we all know we need to work harder. We aren't satisfied with how we played, though we did have a lot of fun together. We expect to come out "swingin" in the spring!

We had great support from our family and friends at this tournament. I'm not really sure if it was because of the gambling or just to watch us play. Either way it was great to have people out there rooting us on!!

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