Women's Golf

Entry 2 by Laura Cross:

The trip to Tennessee began with the team standing on Binkley awaiting the arrival of the taxi driver. The Texas fall weather of 85 degrees left us greatly anticipating the coolness of Tennessee. Being a 5th year senior, I have traveled to quite a few tournaments. The Tennessee tournament, The Mercedes-Benz Championship, has always been an enjoyable event, both on and off the golf course.

Lacey, with her consistently superior play, once again proves she is one of the top players in the country. Kate showed her determination with her ability to bounce back and offer the team low scores. The freshman, Paige, Tia, and Stephanie all reminded us of their awesome playing abilities and admirable attitudes. Although we did not place as high as we had anticipated, this tournament allowed us to step back, assess our strengths and weaknesses, and get back to work. As I look at this team, I see a great group of dedicated ladies with outstanding golf games and entertaining personalities.

We retuned to SMU late Sunday night crammed in a limo. Our usual means of transportation had been switched and so all six of us girls, each with a large suitcase and golf clubs, and 2 pull-carts piled into the limo. Itís a great bonding experience when you are literally stuck to the person next to you! We sang, took pictures, and laughed until we cried. Yes, this team knows how to have fun. We enjoy every moment together, on and off the golf course.

Chip Shots
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