Women's Basketball

Entry 7 by Janielle Dodds:

Let me just say it feels much better to write after a win. This past week we played ECU and Marshall. Our loss to ECU left a bitter taste in our mouth, so we took it out on Marshall. If you saw the games, you would know that I personally had my hands full. If you don't know what I'm talking about then I'll give you a clue...BIG!! Anyway, it was refreshing to play with the intensity we had especially on defense in Sunday's game. What was even better was the AWESOME crowd we had! It is always nice to see familiar faces, but it's also great to see all the kids who look at us as celebrities. I remember sitting in their seat in the stands not to long ago and looking up to girls like us.

To get more personal with them, the marketing department hosted a women's sports clinic after the game. In attendance with us were SMU women's soccer, rowing, swimming, volleyball and golf teams. Each team held 8 minute stations as the rounds of kids made their way to each station to learn about each sport. Afterwards, our team was swarmed with kids for autographs. The kids also enjoyed the, oh so good pizza from Campisi's restaurant. On a side note, these kids really seem to like my red hair. Maybe I'll keep it for my fans a little while longer :)

Come check us out for our last two BIG home games Thursday and Saturday verse Rice and Houston. It's payback time!! Besides, I don't think my teammates or I want to return to 6am, 2-a-day practices for the rest of the year!!

Until next time,
JD #25

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