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Entry 6 by Catherine Campbell:

Be thankful that your Lady Mustangs didn't burn to crisps this past weekend in Houston. Around 6:30 am on Friday morning, we woke (or some of us woke) to the booming sound of a man's voice, "Please disregard the alarm. It is a false alarm. You may go back to bed." Too bad none of us remember hearing the alarm in the first place. Trust me, as student-athletes, we value any sleep we can get!

I look forward to road trips because I usually come back with a bag full of memories. Team dinners stand out significantly. Despite the fact that it always takes two hours to complete our appetizers, main meal, and dessert, we always enjoy one another's company. If you learn one thing from reading this...know that these Mustangs love to eat! Since we were brilliantly placed at the Marriott across from the Galleria, we had the convenience of walking. On Wednesday night we made our way over to the FOX Sports Grill, where we watched the Texas vs. Baylor women's game. It was a little surreal as we all went around the table talking about the girls we've played with and against on those teams.

Now that I know how big an ordeal it is for a group of our size and stature to eat, I sympathize with our waiter/waitress. One in particular comes to mind, Ryan, from the Galleria Bennigan's. Personally, I think Ryan was trying to impress Delisha with his tray-holding skills but ultimately he failed. Everyone at the table except Delisha had received their meals, but alas, no "fish and chips" for D. As he proudly parades around the corner, Ryan's tray tumbles, almost in slow motion, to the floor. If you ever get to hang around us, you know that you can't pull off something like that and get away with it. We gave him a hard time, but Delisha got a few more extra pieces of fried fish for it!

Unfortunately, we did not have a "great sufficiency" with our games against Rice and UH. I would like to blame it on the man who woke us up Thursday morning, but I could never get a hold of him. And despite our clever slogan "RICE...it's what's for dinner," we came up short against both teams.

Now don't you fret, Mustang fans, your Lady 'Stangs are on a stampede! However, we need your help with our endeavor. Bring your kids, your co-worker, or even your tennis-playing goat. If security stops you, asking why you happen to have a goat, just tell them it was a request of mine. Seriously though, Moody has award-winning popcorn...so grab some this Thursday night @ 7 pm and help knock the UCF "Golden Knights" off their low-class horse!


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