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Entry 5 by Janielle Dodds:

Since you last read, we have been to Memphis, Birmingham and sent UTEP away from Dallas with a loss. Let's start with our two-game road trip last week. There is a BIG difference between Moody and the gym at Memphis. Our new scoreboard in Moody is powerful looking, Memphis's scoreboard...not so much. Let's just say if our scoreboard is papa bear, their scoreboard is baby bear. It was humorous to look at because it was so small in comparison to ours. After beating Memphis, we headed to Birmingham to take on the UAB Blazers. No, we didn't leave with a win, but we did leave with a hard fought effort and bitterness that put fire in our eyes for our next game. We planned on taking out anger out on UTEP when we played them on January 12 at Moody.

Ahhh, it is January 13, 2007 and we defeated UTEP last night. How sweet victory feels after beating a team in our conference that is 14-1...excuse me let me correct myself, 14 and 2 now!! It was a great team effort defensively, despite our shaky shooting (me in particular) and turnovers. I couldn't throw the ball in the ocean but thanks goodness my teammates can! If you were at the game, you can agree with me that UTEP has some big girls on their team, they always do. I think I may have seen stars when #14 bumped into me. It was fun to play in Moody for the first time with the completion of the scoreboard. It sets a more professional tone if you ask me. I think it gets the fans more involved since it has short videos of us and even our EYES up there while we're shooting free throws!

I wanted to thank all of our fans that made the journey to our game through the torrential downpour. It means a lot to us as players and would love to see you all make the trip again Sunday when we take on Tulane on ESPN2.

#25 Janielle

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