Women's Basketball

Entry 4 by Catherine Campbell:

There have already been signs that the year 2007 will be a great one for the Lady Mustangs Basketball team. A breath-taking scoreboard was unveiled the night we defeated the Red Raiders of Texas Tech, our first conference win. My prediction is that this is just the beginning of awesome things to come, including the opening of the Crum Basketball Center in October.

I'm sure that most SMU sports fans spent their New Year's Day relishing a good book, perhaps one like, "Beyond Basketball, Coach K's Keywords for Success," by Mike Krzyzewski. I can recommend this book. Coach K's influential stories and life lessons are definitely helping me - both with my transition to college athletics and with life in general. Instead of curling up with a good book, maybe you splurged (for the absurd amount of $8.50 per movie ticket) and took the entire family to see the inspiring story of the 1987 Marshall football team in "We are Marshall." I don't blame you for paying that ridiculous amount of money; I would pay that to see Matthew McCoughney too.

If you were on campus over the New Year's holiday and took a peek into the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports, you would have seen your Lady Mustangs hard at work. Usually we practice in Moody, but while our gigantic amazing scoreboard was being pieced together we got to practice in Dedman. Assistant Coach Deneen Parker joked that she was going to strain her neck during the game, looking up at the scoreboard. Because it is so huge, I believe that our new scoreboard deserves a fitting name. I am thinking about "Clifford" or "The Hulk." Feel free to e-mail me with your own scoreboard name suggestions (cdcampbe@smu.edu). In fact, e-mail me with any of your questions about your Lady Mustangs.

New Year's typically brings many inspiring slogans such as, "A New Year, A New YOU!" "Lose 20 pounds in one Month!" or "Start the New Year right," in an effort to encourage people to try something new, maybe in order to build self-confidence. The Lady Mustangs already started the New Year right...without losing 20 pounds, or becoming a "new YOU" by changing our hair color. (Well, maybe the hair color on a couple of Lady Mustangs looks a little new: Janielle, whose blonde hair is now an auburn color, and Leah who now has strategically placed stripes of turquoise and pink in her blond hair).

We played an exciting 40 minutes of basketball Jan. 2 to defeat the defending Conference USA Champions from Tulsa. It also happened to be JB's 19th birthday and Janielle scored a career-high of 30 points! Alice recorded her first career double-double (10 points and 10 rebounds) on the night of her mom's birthday as well! We plan to carry this intense, team basketball with us as we travel to Memphis and UAB this weekend. "SMU Women's Basketball, 2007 Conference USA Champions" has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Make your resolution: Get to Moody, fill those comfortable wooden (or plastic) seats and help make it happen!

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