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Entry 3 by Janielle Dodds:

Hello fans from your tan, Mustang team in Cancun! Well, it's our last night in Mexico and I'd have to say we are ready to come home! I don't think any of us realized just how much we value TexMex until this trip.

Getting to Cancun might have been the hardest part. We waited in line forever to get our tickets, go through customs, get our bags and go through immigration. Sunny side is that when we arrived, we couldn't have asked for better weather (no pun intended). Part of the first day was pretty much the only time we had free to hang out and we made the most of it. The entire team hit the beach and most sported their bikini's (Sharee's was cute, it was hot pink and not to mention Rhonda in her two-piece!) We got a game of touch football going in the sand between the coaches and players. I'm still kind of bitter that my team lost, the sun was in my eyes when I threw that interception I swear....besides we had T.O. (Miss Brittany Gilliam) drop a few passes that could have ended up in touchdowns.

Some of the coaches went parasailing and jet-skiing which looked like fun. The rooms we stayed in were probably the nicest rooms anyone has ever stayed in. Plasma TVs on the wall and big jacuzzi tubs IN our rooms. My roommate is someone I like to call Little Cobby and we got in our bathing suits and filled the jacuzzi up with two bottles of bubbles. Let's just say we used way too many bubbles and they started to take over our room. After all the splashing and fun, it was night time because the next morning was the reason we came to Cancun ... to win.

Our first game vs. Detriot went well obviously despite playing until 10:45pm. It felt like every time down the floor someone was fouled and shot free throws. The next challenge was Duke the following afternoon. It was a good test for us. You're not #4 in the nation for nothing. To be honest, we couldn't throw the ball in the ocean if you know what I mean, in either game actually!

Upon returning to Dallas tomorrow evening, we have a few days off for Christmas to go home and see our families. I have the furthest to travel as always, but I am just glad I get to go home at all even if it's just for a few days. Before I go, I want to extend a warm and happy holidays to everyone reading this and come watch us kick some Red Raider tail at Moody Dec. 30th!!

#25, Janielle

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