Women's Basketball

Entry 2 by Catherine Campbell:

"The Way I See It #170 - There are many times when dancing is the most unsupportable, ridiculous, unexpected and necessary action. Life should be spent finding those moments and tap dancing through them."
-- Christopher Hermelin
Starbucks customer from Santa Cruz, California.

Don't you love the random quotes on the Starbucks coffee cups? Despite its (Starbucks) invasive ability to take over the world, their quotes tend to spur my imagination. This particular piece of advice was on my White Chocolate Mocha with Raspberry - try it, quite scrumptious! When Alice (Severin), Brittany (Barker), Janielle (Dodds), and I walked into the DFW airport Starbucks on our way to our game in Arkansas, I started to think about moments in SMU women's basketball that incorporate some indirect form of tap dancing. These moments tend to arise either on memorable trips or game preparation.

Since our trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas was our first plane ride together as a team, I had the ability to bond with my teammates on a more personal level. I learned that "Cobb" (nickname for Katy Cobb) is an avid pet-rock collector. Come to find out, the sweet middle-aged lady next to her on the plane was too! We both learned that we lived on a ranch. In fact, we both owned goats! True story!! Although, I only had two, she had enough to have a goat-herder dog (Sally).

To properly prepare for an intense game the SMU women's basketball team blasts Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again." Just kidding. I think my teammates would cringe at the sound of that. Our current theme song is "Walk it Out" by Unk. This is my cue to start my "brushing the eyebrows" move. I am currently working on my instruction video, please feel free to e-mail me if you would like more information.

On a serious note, it is such a rush freeing your mind of all inhibitions and mentally focusing on the upcoming game. All the preparation it took to get to this point: hours of practice, memorizing scouting reports, analyzing film. It's here; it's now. The gleaming court is calling out to us as if to say "I challenge you. I challenge you to dominate." It is only a matter of playing with intensity and executing the way we know how. That is exactly what SMU will do with our next opponents, Detroit-Mercy and Duke.

The next shiny court calling our name will beâ¦in CANCUN! Please be thinking of us and cheer for your Lady Mustangs in spirit! I wish you all a blessed Christmas and please don't hesitate to dance during this celebratory season!

Happy Holidays!!

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