Women's Basketball

Entry 1 by Catherine Campbell:

Hello loyal SMU fans! I come from a relatively small town outside of Houston, and have found that the SMU community has embraced me with open arms. It is now my great pleasure to educate and inform you about the daily lives of the SMU women's basketball team on The Post Connection. After completing (and surviving!) my first semester in college, I already feel that Mustang Pride!

Along with that Mustang Pride, unfortunately, comes construction on the SMU campus. The parking lot beside Moody is closed off, as well as surrounding streets. However, construction was the last of my concerns Friday as I sat alongside my teammates under the tent next to Moody Coliseum for the ground breaking ceremony for the Crum Basketball Center. It is truly a GREAT time to be a SMU Mustang! My sincerest thanks to those who made this possible (Sylvie and Gary Crum and many other generous donors)! My thanks go also to those who required that hard hats be worn for the picture. Smiles were contagious after our Coach Rhonda Rompola had some difficulty keep hers on her head . I can't wait to hit the court running next year at this fantastic new facility.

With the fall semester already at an end, I look back almost in awe on the chaotic first semester of life as a collegiate student-athlete. It has been a challenging yet rewarding ride. This ride has provided many valuable skills, both on and off the court. The ability to manage time, mental toughness, and the art of sleeping names a few. During this time I have had the opportunity to introduce a few new dance moves to my teammates, practice my origami-making skills, as well as improve my game in the sport I love.

If you happened to catch a glimpse at the always compelling profiles of the SMU women's basketball team, you might have noticed that it says that I enjoy making origami swans in my spare time. I am sure you thought 1) this is a misprint and/or 2) this girl has a lot of extra time on her hands. This intriguing aspect is, in fact, true. I competed in Baltimore, MD at the national level at the Origami National Competition.*

Before I leave you, I have some advice for my readers. For those of you who know me, humor me. To those of you just getting to know me, hang in there. For the loyal SMU fans who do not yet know me, brace yourself for my interpretation of the humorous, captivating, and gratifying life of the SMU women's basketball team.

I look forward to sharing with you my experience as a Lady Mustang.


*Despite her dreams of competing at the national level in origami, Catherine has yet to successfully complete folding a paper airplane.

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