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Entry 4 by Juli Colli:

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We just got back from our road trip, we went 1-1. We are now tied for 2nd place with Southern Mississippi who comes to play us here at Moody on Monday Feb. 6th. This will be a determining game for us and hopefully will seperate us from the other teams jockeying for postion witin our conference.

We need your support so come see us. We are hosting the C-USA Tournament in one month, and we hope to see everyone there Monday night at 7!!

I want to thank all the fans that sent me in questions, I'm going to answer a couple of them now.

Jack wrote in asking, "What was the strongest drawing card for me to play ball at SMU?"
Well Jack, there were several determing factors... When I decided to transfer from Vanderbilt I wanted to transfer to a school who had originally recruited me in addition to the fact that I wanted to be closer to home so that it could be more convenient for my parents and friends to come to games and support me. Also, academics played a huge role in my choice of schools. Eventually for everyone your athletic career ends and what is there to fall back on is your academics. Knowing this, and that SMU has a great business school, I chose to come here.

Thomas asked, "Up until this point, what has been my most memorable moment as a Mustang?"
I would have to say sharing this year with my sister and secondly with my teammates. I play basketball with a wonderful group of women and I could not ask for anything better. We have fun in almost every experience that we do. There are great friendships that I have gotten to experience and will be able to take with me the rest of my life.

Thanks guys for your questions
Go Mustangs!

Goin' Hoopin'
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