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Entry 3 by Juli Colli:

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Has anyone checked the record books since this weekend? Well if you haven't, let me inform you that your SMU Mustangs are now 5-2 in conference and we beat two really great teams that reside in our half of the conference. Also, we got some national coverage on espn2, and I hope that everyone was able to set aside time and cheer for us... it really helps you know!

Anyway, I just wanted to say that we will be taking a trip to the east coast this upcoming weekend to play ECU and Marshall, which by the way are two teams that are doing really well at home and on the road. It is always hard to come up with road victories but I am here to tell everyone that I hope you will take time to listen to the radio or watch us over the internet so that you can cheer us on.... even if you are not there we still feel the mustang vibe :)

Last but certainly not least, for anyone with questions or curiosities I will be taking questions from fans and readers. Just click here to send me an email and I hope that I can answer anything that you send my way.

Have a wonderful week and hope you join us on Friday and Sunday when we take on our opponents on the road :)
Go Mustangs!

Goin' Hoopin'
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