Women's Basketball

Entry 2 by Juli Colli:

Hello Mustang fans.

Wow! Break is almost over and school is about to start once again. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and plan on coming out to support us now that things have slowed down. Fortunately for our team we don't really ever stop because of games and traveling.

Since my last entry, conference play has started and things are really speeding up. We have already gotten through three games against pretty good teams (Tulsa, Tulane, and UTEP). We play Memphis and UAB this weekend and things should be exciting for everyone who comes. The team has been practicing hard. We know we have to succeed during conference season. Being a new conference for us, that makes it even tougher since we are playing in new arenas on the road. We have been working hard and are excited to play at home on Friday against Memphis.

Come out and support us. Can't wait to see everyone at the game!! Go Mustangs!

Goin' Hoopin'
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