Women's Basketball

SMU Ready To Tip-Off Against Notre Dame

Go smu!
Go smu!

Go smu!

March 22, 2008

Head Coach Rhonda Rompola

Opening statement...
"I've got three of our seniors that have played a very important part in why we are here with me today. I do believe we are playing our best basketball at the end of the year. We had our backs against the wall at our conference tournament and we knew the only to get to the NCAA Tournament was to win it. We have relied very heavily on our seniors all year. I felt our seniors have done a great job of leading us and setting an example. This is a group that has never had the opportunity to experience this. As I told them, 'Are you going to be happy just being here or are we going to take the next step and take it to the next level?' That's where we are, trying to take it to the next level."

On facing Notre Dame in the first round ...
"They have great stats, they shoot the ball well, they shoot the ball well from the free throw line, they're a very poised team, they put a lot of points up and they run the basketball. I like the fact that Notre Dame runs the basketball because we are a better team when we play a team that runs the basketball. I think it is going to be a very interesting matchup, but I like our chances tomorrow. I feel like it's a very evenly matched game. We both like to put points up on the board; we just have to figure out a way to play better defense than Notre Dame. They do a great job of moving without the ball. I really like the way their guards attack the basket. I like the way they rebound, but I do believe we are similar in our style of play. We have to make smart decisions and be poised under pressure."

On senior forward Janielle Dodds ...
"She's been a go-to player for four years. She started most of her games here and we want the ball in her hands as much as possible. What she does for us and for our other players is create opportunities for other players because she is double- and triple-teamed so much. Our other players have taken advantage of that."



Southern Methodist Guard Katy Cobb
On Senior Experience ...
"I think experience is going to have a lot to do with our success. We have to play as a team and use our heads and we'll be fine."

On the main focus playing Notre Dame ...
"I think Notre Dame has exceptional offensive rebounders and the main focus to me is blocking them out."

Southern Methodist Point Guard Janielle Dodds
On Senior Experience ...
"Our experience has definitely got us to where we are. All season the seniors on this team have led and our younger players look up to us. We set the example; if we're doing well and pumping the underclassmen up, they play better. As long as we bring the intensity and the fire we had in our conference tournament, we will do very well in this game."

On playing with their backs against the walls ...
"I don't think our team does well without pressure. If we don't have something to shoot for, we don't play well. The fact that we had something on the line, we all stepped up and I think it will carry over into this game against Notre Dame."

Southern Methodist Forward Sharee Shepherd
On Senior Experience...
"As long as we go out there and set the tone, the underclassmen are going to follow us."

On playing with their backs against the walls...
"We knew there was a sense of urgency and came out with a fire in our eyes in the conference tournament."

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