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Eddie  Sinnott

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Eddie Sinnott is in his 26th year as head coach of the SMU men's swimming and diving team. The 16-time conference Coach of the Year has led the Mustangs to 16 league crowns in the past 18 seasons. Under Sinnott, SMU recorded 11 NCAA top-15 finishes, 338 All-America honors, and 248 individual conference champion titles.

An accomplished coach on the international level, Sinnott has coached 10 student-athletes since 1992 who have competed in six different Olympic games. In 1996, former Mustang great Ryan Berube won a gold medal as a team member of the U.S.A. 800 free relay team. In the summer of 2000, Lars Frolander became the fourth Mustang to win a gold medal at the Olympics games, taking first in the 100 butterfly in Sydney, Australia. Under Sinnott, both Berube and Frolander were named NCAA Swimmers of the Year within two years of each other (Berube-1996, Frolander-1998).

Sinnott has also served United States Swimming in various capacities. He was the team leader and the men's head coach of the U.S. squad at the World University Games in 1993, and a head coach and assistant coach for the U.S. Olympic Festival team in 1987 and 1993, respectively. Sinnott also served as the head coach of the U.S. National Team on its European Tour in 1987. In the 2008 Olympics, Sinnott was the U.S. Olympic Team assistant manager.

In addition to coaching for the United States, Sinnott served on the Olympic International Organizing Committee from 1984-92. He was the head coach for Haiti in the 1996 Olympic Games. He also served as the assistant coach for Columbia, Denmark, and South Africa in the World Short Course Championships.

A four-year letterwinner at SMU from 1973-76, Sinnott was the SWC champion in the 400 IM in 1973 and earned All-American honors in both 1973 and 1974. Born in Greenwich, Conn., Sinnott and his wife, Sioux, have two daughters K.C. and Silver Ann.

16 Conference Team Championships
WAC (4): 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
NIC (5): 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
C-USA (7): 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013

16 Coach of the Year Honors
Big-8 (1), SWC (3), WAC (3), NIC (3), C-USA (6)

338 All-American Honors
Scott Donie, 1987(2)-88(3)-89(3)-90(3), Todd Pace, 1987(2)-88(3)-89(3)-90(3), Craig Jackson, 1988(3)-89(2)-90(4), Scott Jones, 1990(3), Sean Briscombe, 1990(3)-91(2), Mike Doyle, 1991, Kevin Willis, 1990(2)-91(2), Chad Hundeby, 1990(2)-91(2)-93, Leif Wennerstrom, 1990(3)-91(5)-92(7)-93(3), Andrew Roberts, 1991(2)-92(2), Matt Twillie, 1991(2)-92(2), Matt Barager, 1991(2)-92(2)-93, Josh Delcore, 1991(5)-92(3)-93, Jeff Vance, 1991(4)-92(4)-93(2), Tony Iglesias, 1991-92(2)-93(2)-94(3), Ryan McKinney, 1991(2)-92(2)-93-94, Brian Gargan, 1991(2)-92, Alain Sergile, 1991(2)-92(2)-93(4)-94, Paul Wolf, 1993, Cliff Lyne, 1993, Vladimir Polukeev, 1993(3)-94(5), Ryan Berube, 1993(7)-94(5)-95-96(7), Nik Van Nort, 1994, Jeff Foley, 1994-95-96(2)-97(3), John Simmons, 1994(2)-95(3)-96(3)-97(2), Christian Bahr, 1994(HM)-95(2)-96(3)-98(3), Risto Deinlein, 1995, Brian Girard, 1995, Ethan Packard, 1995, Gustaf Johansson, 1994-95-96(2), Enrico Linscheer, 1995-96(4), Lars Frolander, 1995-96(5)-97(6)-98(7), Pepe Lopez, 1996-97, Ali Al-Hasan, 1997(2, Casey Barrett, 1997(4)-98(2), Bill Franke, 1997(2)-98(2), Patrick Coleman, 1997, Per Helgesson, 1997(2)-98(3), Steve Kemmerling, 1998
Blaine Morgan, 1996(2)-97-98(3), Patrick O'Keeffe, 1998, Bart Wickard, 1998-01, Brandon Jernigan, 1998(2)-01(5), Steve Barnes, 1999, Michael Jacobsson, 1999, Matt Weghorst, 2001(4)-02(2), Billy Coleman, 2001, Jakob Andersen, 2001(6)-02(3), Tim Carlson, 2001(4)-02(2), Jonathon Newton, 2002(2), Nick Tozer, 2002, Brice Dumais, 2002-03(2), Eric Hadley, 2004(3), Camilo Becerra, 2004(3)-05, Phillip Griffin, 2004-06(3; 1 in diving), Per Nylin, 2004(3)-06(2), Justin Stephenson, 2004(3)-06, Ian Clark, 2005-06-07(3)-08(2)
Luka Vrtovec, 2006(2)-07(5)-08(2)-09(3), Alex Hetland, 2006-07(5)-08(2), Emilio Garmendia, 2006, Justin Smith, 2007(3), Shane Milu, 2007(2)-08(2), Pontus Renholm, 2007(2)-08-09(3), Thomas Fadnes, 2007-08(3)-09(3), Maverick Smalley, 2008, Grega Plevelj, 2009, Greg Doughty, 2009, Robin Andreasson, 2009(2), Tom Cole, 2010-11, Nicolai Hansen, 2013, Ryan Koops, 2013, Mindaugas Sadauskas, 2013, David Larsson, 2013, Devin Burnett, 2015

10 Olympians
Scott Donie (1992-96), Enrico Linscheer (1992-96), Tony Iglesias (1996), Alain Sergile (1996), Ali Al-Hasan (1996), Casey Barrett (1996), Ryan Berube (1996), Lars Frolander (1992-96-2000-04-08-12), Camilo Becerra (2004-08), Mindaugas Sadauskas (2012)

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