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September 13, 2005

What's up Mustangs!! After having written a blog after losing a game, I can tell you that it is much more pleasant to sit down and write after a win. Therefore I have decided for the team that we should just go ahead and win out the rest of the season. All those in favor? That's what I thought. I'm proud of the way the team performed together, and I'm especially proud of the way the senior leaders stepped up and led. I couldn't be happier about it. The skillet is something that has eluded us as of late, and I am happy that it is back home at SMU where it belongs.

Here's the other side to the victory. While it is great to win a marquis game like that, we really have no time to revel in the triumph. We have already begun prep for Texas A&M, and don't intend to think about TCU until next year when we play them again (OK, OK, maybe we'll think about it a little bit). But seriously, A&M is another big game for us, and this time we do not have home field advantage.

Anyone who has attended a game at Kyle field knows exactly what that means for us this week. Personally, I don't really care where we play the game: Kyle Field, Gerald J., my parent's front yard, in the back of K-Mart, it really doesn't matter. The field is marked the same all over the world regardless of whether it's Kyle Field or just the infield for a junior high track meet. That being said, it does always make us feel good to see a nice turnout for the red and blue on an away game, so load `em on up and get to College Station this weekend. It should be a good time.

I did get an email that brought to my attention the fact that I was not even on the preseason watch list for the Heisman. I'm crushed. But I'll be back, I'll just have to make it as a write-in candidate. Thanks for your support.

Special thanks to the fans who attended Saturday's game. You guys are great. Not to mention the Mighty Mustang Band. We are more appreciative than you can know. That about wraps it up for now, email me with questions if you have them!


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