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September 4, 2005

Hello Readers. Saturday did not turn out the way I would have liked it to. That’s all I’m going to say about the Baylor game. OK…Moving on… There’s something I really need to say, and even though I probably shouldn’t, I’m going to say it any way. I was really disappointed in the amount of support my Heisman campaign received on the 3rd. O.K. I said it. Now to elaborate. This is just a guess, but I assume that the lack of hype revolving around #92 is simply due to the fact that all the Mustang fans are desperately worried that after my Junior season I will declare myself eligible for the NFL draft and not return to play my senior year. This is not the case. I assure you that I am 100% loyal to the SMU Mustangs, and no matter how many millions of dollars in signing bonus I am offered, I will come back my senior year. Sorry, I just had to get that out in the open.

Alright, so I’m going to say a little bit more about the Baylor game. We lost. Everybody knows that. The important thing to remember is that one game doesn’t doom our season to failure. This is a new season. I do not consider this the next in a long chain of losses that dates all the way back to the death penalty. In fact, I don’t care at all about the death penalty. So those of you who have taken the “Here we go again attitude” are incorrect. We have played one game and we did lose, but the rest of our season has yet to be determined. No one hates losing more than I do, and I can find no way to justify a loss. There is no reason to point fingers. This is not the time for that.

I am anxious to see how the team responds to this challenge of a loss. We’re going to prepare equally as hard to play TCU, and I expect a big crowd. Not because we’re so close to Ft. Worth, but because it is a home game. So if you took the time to read this, come to the game on Saturday and make some noise. Hold on…let me say that again…MAKE SOME NOISE!!! Thanks to everyone at the Baylor game. You guys rule. I’m sorry that we couldn’t pull it off for you. The fans are what make this game what it is. The best game in the world (in my humble opinion). So please come out and wear red!

Charlie Berry

P.S.- I would love to answer any questions that you have for me. Feel free to email me during the season . Try not to send anything too negative, though, because I probably won’t respond. Otherwise, I will answer your questions on my next entry.

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