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August 31, 2005

What’s up Mustang Fans! This is the official kick-off for the “Charlie Berry for Heisman” campaign of 2005. We’ll be distributing t-shirts and bumper stickers at the Baylor game on Sept. 3rd. Just Kidding (unless you’d really wear the t-shirt or use the bumper sticker…let me know…). If you’re reading this, you are most likely interested in the football team, and the upcoming season. Thanks for your support. This being my first entry, I would first like to say thank you for the opportunity to interact with you guys on a weekly basis. I hope that you enjoy this little blog as much as I will enjoy writing it. For those of you who don’t know me, I am Charlie Berry #92. I’m a Junior Defensive Tackle from Dallas. If you ever see me around, please come introduce yourself, I would love to meet you.

With all of that out of the way, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover, starting with camp. I can honestly say that two-a-days was a great experience for me this year, and I think most of the guys feel the same way. While most of you are reading that sentence over again to check for typos, let me tell you why. Coach Faucette and his staff did an outstanding job this summer getting us bigger, stronger, and faster. It was the best summer that I’ve been a part of. If you see him, thank him. Next, at the first team meeting of our fall campaign on August 2nd, Coach Bennett stood in front of the team and expressed a certain calm or confidence that he had never felt since he began his tenure at SMU. If you didn’t already know, Coach Bennett did get married this Summer, so I’m not sure if that had anything to do with this so called “calm”. I’m kidding, of course, and congratulations to Coach Bennett and Julie. All joking aside, as the team went through practices we began to feel that same confidence. I believe anyone who has had the opportunity to spend any period of time with the team this year would tell you that we’re just different. We’re bigger than we’ve been, we’re more experienced, we’re an improved team. I think that a lot of it has to do with the senior leadership that we have this year. I’ve been extremely proud of our captains, and the way they led through the summer, and the way they continue to lead on a daily basis. I feel like the team improved dramatically during the month of August, and we’re all itching for the chance to hit someone other than a teammate.

This brings me to game week. We started the week off right with a heck of a practice on Sunday, and this will undoubtedly be carried over throughout the week. The focus and tone has definitely shifted from August to September with the anticipation of our first opponent in front of us. I’m not allowed to say much, but I am excited to line up across from Baylor and play some football. I know they’re excited too.

This week has also brought about a unique set of events with hurricane Katrina heading inland. Unless you’ve been living in a hole, you know that Louisiana and Mississippi were devastated this week by this storm. This causes some problems for the upcoming season. First of all, one of the cities most hit by the hurricane was the home of Tulane, New Orleans (pronounced Nawlins). Tulane’s football team, as a result, will be relocated to practice at SMU. In fact, I think they’re here right now.

Anyways, I’ve gotta go because I’m about to be late to a class.

Go Mustangs!

Charlie Berry

This is the end of blog 1 :: good bye.

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