Football Postgame Quotes - SMU vs. Montana State - Sept. 7, 2013

Go smu!
Go smu!

Go smu!

Sep 7, 2013

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Head Coach June Jones:
On QB Garrett Gilbert's performance on the game winning drive...
"He did a great job. I thought he played pretty well the whole game. We didn't protect him as well as we needed to, but they have a couple guys that are talented up front. He stood in and made some throws and I thought he saw everything pretty well this ballgame. I don't know what his percentages were, but I thought he did a nice job. The last drive he hung in there and made some plays."

On the play of WR Darius Joseph and thoughts on Joseph leading the team in receptions this season as well as catching the game winning touchdown pass...
"Well tonight, he had a couple of other chances to make some more plays and his numbers would even be bigger. I was glad to see him in there because he's worked really hard. I was glad to see him make that play. He did what he was supposed to do. In games past, Garrett would have run the ball based off the coverage that we got, the secondary break that Darius makes is the one that we haven't been hanging in to throw. Garrett hung with him and hit him."

On QB Garrett Gilbert's confidence in staying the pocket...
"Watching him tonight, he stood in there a little bit more then he has in previous games. Even the very long throw that he completed to Jeremy (Johnson), in games past I think he would have pulled it down and run because we didn't block the edge. He just kind of slid and kept his vision, made a big play and then he took a hit."

On Montana State's defensive approach...
"Montana State's defensive scheme is very sound. They do what they do. We had some opportunities to make some plays but we didn't. They played the way we thought they were going to play. They do a great job as coaches with their scheme and they have a couple of guys who are pretty good players."



On JaBryce Taylor's punt return touchdown...
"It was a big play. I was thinking big return and I was getting the field goal team ready so if he had a big return, as we didn't have a timeout, we would have had to run the field goal team on. But then he took it to the house, so that saved that problem. You have to have players make plays and he as a true freshman who got in there, caught the ball under pressure and did some good things. He's a great kid and really good football player."

Quarterback Garrett Gilbert:
On playing in a tight game and being able to win it at the very end...
"Well, you would really like it not to be that close there at the end. As a quarterback, growing up watching guys like John Elway, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady engineer last minute drives in the fourth quarter. It really was a lot of fun to have the ball in my hands there at the end and be able to make some plays. Our offense did a heck of a job on that drive as a unit, really sticking together. A lot of things didn't go our way tonight offensively. We had some turnovers, some unforced errors and some things that were just unfortunate happened to us out there on the field. Big shout out to our offense for being able to stay with it, stay positive and stay on top of things to give ourselves a chance to win at the end. Our defense as well, they did a great job. Things didn't go our way tonight all the time, but they were able to stay in there, plug away and Brandon Henderson made a great play right there at the end to knock them out of field goal range to really give us that opportunity to win the game. As a team, that's what you ask for, an opportunity to win the game at the end. Just like that."

On what he saw on the game winning touchdown pass...
"Darius (Joseph) did a great job of reading the coverage there and making his second break. He widened off the ball there and the safety committed hard. I looked at Jeremy (Johnson) first in the flat and then came to Darius there quick and he read it as we both saw the same thing. He was able to break back across and make a really good catch and a great play. The offensive line did a great job picking up what I thought was a five or six man pressure, so they did a really nice job there. The whole entire last drive was a team effort and I am very proud of the guys for that."

Defensive Back Jay Scott:
On how the defense played in the second half and what changed from the first half...
"People got on their keys and did their jobs. We don't like it to be that close, so we just need to start it from the beginning, get to the end and play a full game and we will be fine."

On Montana State's rushing attack...
"People just need to stay in their gaps. We were at the ball, it was just missing tackles. If people make that first tackle then we will be fine."

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