SMU Postgame Quotes - January 7, 2012

Go smu!
Go smu!

Go smu!

Jan. 7, 2012

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Head Coach June Jones
Opening Statement...
"I'm obviously pleased for our seniors to be able to go out winners. It is a special group of guys and we had our ups and downs this year but to finish it off that way, it lives with us now the whole offseason so we can just build off of that. I'm proud of all the guys, they played together. They did all the things we thought we needed to do to win. I'm really proud of the defense. Really the defense has been that way all year. They have been the reason we won eight games, we haven't been as sharp on offense as we have been in years past, but we didn't turn ball over and that is how come we won the game."

On the 50-yard touchdown play helping fuel the early start...
"We ran an empty formation one play earlier and both (Cole) Beasley and Darius (Johnson) came back and said that they thought that one of the plays we had practiced would work against their empty look and they were right. J.J. (McDermott) did a good job of touching it up and honestly I didn't see what Darius did to the guy, but he was wide open and must have been pretty quick on the release."

On J.J. McDermott bouncing back from injuries during the season...<br> "The longer you play with what we do, the better feel you get with what we do. I thought he did some really good things in there. Even though he can't run, he did a good job of avoiding some pressure early and completed some balls, which is what he did against TCU and did for us in some other big games. We knew he was going to have to do that for us because their front four were pretty good. He did some side stepping and got the ball out to avoid some sacks and completed some balls."

On McDermott's injuries throughout the season...
"We had a three week period there where he didn't practice, he just played on Saturdays. That is unusual for a guy to do that. He was hurting pretty good. His arm was still a little bit dead because we threw so much for two-straight weeks, but he was in much better condition than he was then and I'm proud of him and proud of the guys."



On Darius Johnson's performance...
"In big games, big players step and make plays. Darius has done that every time we have been on national TV. When the game gets bigger, he gets better and that is kind of what he did in high school too. He dominated the state high school playoffs in the state of Texas and we were lucky to get him."

On SMU winning two bowl games in three years...
"I didn't tell the guys before the game but that is my 100th win as a college coach. It does mean a lot to me because of the senior group that I will never forget those guys for that win and it meant a lot to me."

WR Darius Johnson (BBVA Compass Bowl MVP)
On his 50-yard touchdown catch...
"I knew the play was coming. We had talked about it on the sidelines and we knew it was going to be open."

LB Taylor Reed
On putting pressure on Pitt's offense...
"We saw watching (Pitt) on film since we have been studying that the quarterback gets a little antsy under pressure. He doesn't like pressure at all and the offensive line doesn't like pressure at all. So we knew that we could keep the heat on them they would have a hard day all day."

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