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The SMU men's basketball visited a Johannesburg market and faced the South African National Team in an exhibition game on Sunday. The team left the hotel in the morning and walked to a nearby mall and market area. Later in the afternoon, the Mustangs fell to the South African National at Vodacom Mandeville Indoor Centre, the same place as the clinic on Saturday. Bamba Fall led SMU with 24 points and Mike Walker scored 20.

On Monday, the Mustangs tour Soweto which has memorials to the struggle against apartheid. The team will also see the homes of Nelson Manedla and Desmond Tutu as part of the tour. In the evening, the group will visit the Lesedi Cultural Village for dinner. While there, the squad will experience many of the tribal lifestyles, traditional dancing, and music.

Blog - June 1
Head Coach Matt Doherty

"Mall and Ball"

Today we decided to take the group to the mall in Jo-burg. There were two adjacent malls that were very nice. We bought some books and I found a cigar shop where I purchased a few Cubans! There was also a local merchant market where Kelly bought gifts for some people at home. I also got her a birthday gift, a beautiful carving of "The Last Supper" that was made from Ebony. The fun part was the negotiation process. The offering price was 1,500 Rand and I ended up buying it for 900 Rand (Approximately 117.00 US $'s). The back and forth dealing is fun! Kelly's birthday is Tuesday. She will be .......29.....again!

After the mall we drove to the sight of our game. We played the South African National Team. The game will be televised across all of Africa on tape delay! I really wanted to show off SMU to the continent. We started off great, building an early lead, but the SA's were an experienced bunch and they game back strongly. Early leads can be "fool's gold" as there may be a sense the game was going to be easy. Well, it wasn't. SA took a lead of 20 points behind some very aggressive play. They shot the ball well and got us in foul trouble. We game back strong by closing the gap to 9 points at the half. The second half we came out sloppy and SA built a 15 point lead to end the 3rd period. Our defense picked up in the 4th and Bamba was terrific in the post as he had 24 points, scoring on an array of jump hooks and turnaround jump shots. Mike Walker finished with 20 points.

We ended up losing by 7 points. Our defense wasn't very good, we turned the ball over 14 times and we shot it poorly, from the field and the foul line. I was very disappointed. We need to play smarter.

Tomorrow we have a big day planned:

  • Breakfast
  • Class at 9:30am
  • Tour of Soweto - the heart of the struggle against apartheid:
  • See the homes of Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu
  • See the memorials of the struggle
  • Lunch
  • Lesidi Cultural Village - experience the tribal lifestyles.
  • Dinner in Lesidi

    Pony Up!
    Coach Doh

    May 18-24 - Preparation - Class & Practice
    May 25 - Dallas to Dakar, Senegal
    May 26 - First Practice
    May 27 - Visit Goree Island
    May 27 - Game 1 (Senegalese Nat. Team)
    May 28 - Trip to St. Louis (Bamba/Papa's Home)
    May 29 - Clinic 1: at SEEDS Academy
    May 30 - Dakar to Johannesburg, South Africa
    May 31 - Clinic 2: Vodacom Mandeville Indoor Centre
    May 31 - Tour Pretoria (capital of S. Africa)
    June 1 - Game 3: vs. South African National Team
    June 2 - Tour Soweto
    June 2 - Visit Lesedi Cultural Village
    June 3 - Safari at Pilanesburg Nat. Park
    June 4 - Game 4: South African Club Team
    June 5 - Johannesburg, South Africa to Dallas

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