Sports Medicine Staff
 Name  Title  Phone  Responsibility  Email
Mike Morton, MEd, ATC, LAT  Director of Sports Medicine  214-768-1635  Football  Email
Kelli Swing, MEd, ATC, LAT, CES  Associate Athletic Trainer  214-768-2312  W-Basketball  Email
Jared Contreras, MS, ATC, LAT  Assistant Athletic Trainer  214-768-4835  Football, M Tennis  Email
Warren Young, MLA, ATC, LAT  Associate Athletic Trainer  214-768-1926  M-Basketball  Email
Becky Rolke, MLA, ATC, LAT  Associate Athletic Trainer  214-768-2429  M-Soccer, M-Swimming & Diving  Email
Megan Ervin, MAT, ATC, LAT  Assistant Athletic Trainer  214-768-3899  Rowing, W-Tennis  Email
Courtney Washington, MS, ATC, LAT  Assistant Athletic Trainer  214-768-1053  Volleyball, Cheer, Pom, Equestrian  Email
Josh Dollahite, MEd, ATC, CMT  Assistant Athletic Trainer  214-768-2888  W-Soccer, W-Swimming & Diving  Email
Kevin Kikugawa, MS, ATC, LAT, CES, PES, CSCS  Associate Athletic Trainer  214-768-3581  Football, M&W Golf  Email
Honami Abe, MEd, ATC, LAT  Assistant Athletic Trainer  214-768-1704  W-Track & Field  Email
Steve Smith, MLA, ATC, LAT, CSCS  Assistant Athletic Trainer  214-768-1964  Insurance Coordinator  Email
Akira Umeki, MS, ATC, LAT  Intern  214-768-4835    
Mailing/Contact Information

Loyd All-Sports Center Athletic Training Room

Physical address:
5800 Ownby Drive

Mailing address:
5800 Ownby Drive
PO Box 750315
Dallas, TX 75275-0315

Phone number: 214-768-2888
Fax: 214-768-1225

  Physicians, Consultants & Specialists

Team Physicians

 Name  Practice
Dr. John Baker Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Daniel Worrel Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Mike Khair Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Peter Davis Internist

Consultants & Specialists

 Name  Practice
 Dr. Louis Palacious  Internist
 Dr. Todd Petersen  Chiropractor
 Dr. Andrew Clavenna  Neck/Back Specialist
 Dr. Eugene Curry  Foot/Ankle Specialist
 Dr. Tom Diliberti  Hand Specialist
 Dr. Rick Barfield  Dentist
 Dr. John Haley  Opthalmologist
 Dr. Daniel Garcia  Active Release Technique
 Dr. O'Dell Marshall  Oral Surgeon
 Dr. Russ Birdwell  Internist/general surgeon
 Dr. Bo Frederick  Hand Specialist
 Dr. Sam Jejurukar  Plastic Surgeon
 Dr. Mark Alteneau  Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist
 Dr. Pearl  Vascular Surgeon

  Visiting Team Information

SMU Sports Medicine Visiting Team Guide (.pdf)

  SMU Student-Athlete Information

To the parent/guardian of an Incoming/Transfer Student-Athlete:
Please open the "2012-2013 Physical Examination Packet" below and print off the document. Instructions for filling out the paperwork are available by clicking "2012-2013 Physical Examination Packet Instructions." Both items require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please complete all forms and mail to the following address:

SMU Sports Medicine
Attention: Kelli Clay
5800 Ownby Drive
PO Box 750315
Dallas, TX 75275-0315

Electronic/scanned documents will not be accepted. If you do not have access to a printer or Acrobat Reader, please call (214) 768-2312.
• 2014-15 Physical Examination Packet (.pdf)
• 2014-15 Physical Examination Packet Instructions (.pdf)
• ADHD Medical Exemption Form (.pdf)


• City of Dallas Map (.pdf)
• SMU Campus Emergency Map (.pdf)

  Emergency Plans

• Concussion Handout (.pdf)

Emergency Action Plans - SMU Athletic Facilities
• Barr Pool (.pdf)
• Rowing Boathouse (.pdf)
• Crum Basketball center (.pdf)
• Dedman Center (.pdf)
• Ford Stadium (.pdf)
• Intermural Field (.pdf)
• Loyd All-Sports Center (.pdf)
• Moody Coliseum (.pdf)
• Pettus Field (.pdf)
• Westcott Field (.pdf)
SMU Tennis Complex (.pdf)


• WB Carrell Clinic
• 1st in smiles
• Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas

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