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Vision, Mission, Values & Goals of SMU Athletics

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In support of the University's Centennial Strategic Plan, we strive to strengthen our sports programs to be more nationally competitive - in all that we do.


Vision for SMU Athletics (what we aspire to do)

We create an advantage for those we serve by providing opportunities for advancement, inspiring people to be their best, and celebrating diversity and inclusion. In support of the University's rise to national distinction, we represent Dallas and SMU with integrity and class.


Mission of SMU Athletics (why we exist)

In alignment with the educational mission of the University, we engage the community in meaningful ways and develop the resources necessary to graduate Student-Leaders and pursue championships. Above all else, we prepare Students for life.


Values of SMU Athletics (How We Behave)

We advance our efforts with S.P.I.R.I.T. (to breathe into; urge upon; animate):

  • Service - We are here for others
  • Passion - We love what we do
  • Integrity - We do the right thing
  • Respect - We follow the Golden Rule
  • Innovation - We seek a better way
  • Teamwork - We are bound together


Goals for SMU Athletics (2013-14)

In fulfillment of our mission, we have established the following goals for SMU Athletics:

Goal One: To provide opportunities for Students to graduate with the knowledge and skills required to become valuable citizens and leaders in their communities

Goal Two: To equip our Student-Athletes and athletics programs with the full array of support services in pursuit of Championships

Goal Three: To effectively and efficiently acquire, manage and allocate our finite resources in support of the financial viability of the entire department

Goal Four: To cultivate enduring relationships and last memories with the SMU Community by promoting the people, achievements and events associated with SMU 

Goal Five: To develop our people, and professionally manage all elements of our program, in support of SMU’s rise to national distinction