Soccerology Diary

November 15, 2005

Well, I'm sorry to be writing this entry as an end-of-season wrap-up... it is hard to believe that our 2005 season has reached the finish line already. Here's a recap of what has happened the last few weeks to the Women's Soccer Team.

First of all, we wrapped up the C-USA regular season as co-champions with UCF - we played solid soccer against UAB and Memphis to earn that honor, and we were proud of it. As second seed, we were excited to win another conference tournament - unfortunately, we made an early exit in the first round after losing in PK's. I HATE PK's. I'd be lying if I said we weren't worried about getting an at-large bid into the NCAA tournament - I usually love going to Trinity Hall to see who and where we play in the tournament (rather... I just love going to Trinity Hall whenever), but it was nerve-racking this time. It was a relief to see "SMU" announced in the first bracket of the tournament, taking on UNT at our favorite place of all time - College Station.

We were so pumped about the first and second rounds of the NCAA tournament... we wanted revenge against UNT for beating us earlier in the season, and then we wanted to beat A&M (one of our goals for the season) to avenge all the other times we have met them in the NCAA tournament. It's tough playing them at their home field, so a win there would be all the more sweeter.

We played great against UNT - Kimber scored a hat trick to give us the win, 3-0. From then on, all our focus was on A&M... interrupted with occasional distractions of going to the movies, enjoying good food, and watching as our bus broke down going to practice on Saturday. It's no lie... we rode to practice Saturday afternoon in "Big Turq(uoise)", who was on its last leg. The bus had smoke pouring out of it in the back, and the power steering went out at least three times - once, as we turned to go over some railroad tracks. I've always wondered how in the world people get their cars stranded over railroad tracks; well, it almost happened to us. A little old lady even whipped out her camera and took a picture of our bus in front of a McDonald's as plumes of smoke filled the air. We also watched as pedestrians pointed to our bus, and could read their lips, "Oh my God...!" A College Station police officer was nice enough to give us an escort to the field - it was quite a trip, to say the least.

On Sunday, we were ready to pummel A&M. The weather definitely wasn't a friend to us... it was so hot! They got on the board first, but we answered right back... all three forwards (Krystal, Kimber, and Olivia) combined to put together an awesome goal. Also, Ashley played great in goal for us and made some major sacrifices in order to make several incredible saves. Unfortunately, the game didn't go our way - by the final whistle, the game ended 4-2, and we had to head home, our season over. The worst part of the whole game was that Susanne got hurt at the very end - it was awful. We are going to be re-hab buddies for a while, so it'll be ok. We love you Susanne!

Well, that about wraps up our 2005 season. It was great that we won in the first round of the NCAA tournament - something we haven't done in three years - and we had some great wins throughout the season. Our team has made great strides in over-all game and player development this year. Now our focus shifts to improving even more in preparation for next season.

I'd like to say good luck to the guy's team this weekend in their NCAA tournament... they take on San Francisco on Friday here at Westcott. The team and I watched them last week at their conference tournament, and I'd just like to say that Matt played great in goal - that PK call was bogus. Once again, PK's decided the fate of SMU Soccer. I HATE PK's. Also... don't worry David, my dad and I are NOT going to Trinity Hall before the game. No more bad luck!

Thanks to all ya'll who took the time to read what I wrote this season... it's nice to have fans that care so much about SMU Soccer. Even more thanks to those who came to all our games... we are so grateful when you support us. See you at Westcott next year!

Thanks to all,


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