Soccerology Diary

October 4, 2005

It's finally that time of the year when conference play gets going... I'm excited for our team to capture both the regular C-USA season title and the C-USA tournament championship! Unfortunately, it is also that time of the semester when all of our classes have tests and projects due within a two-week span....AHH!... which is why both David and I have been focusing our writing skills in the classroom and not so much here. However, we're back to detail to our fans on how our teams are doing as we begin conference competition...

Our team is doing great coming off of a tie with Pepperdine (we completely dominated the game) and a big win over USC. The team played extremely well in both matches... It sure feels good to be on the SMU women's soccer team! We had a long break before we started conference play here at home and came away with a win over Tulsa in our conference opener. We didn't play our best soccer and had a lot of missed opportunities to score, but we got the win and are now only eight games away from having a perfect 9-0 record in conference. We definitely expect no less as we go into the C-USA tournament.

It seems like we have been at home forever... which is a good thing! We finish up our six game home stand this weekend against Houston and Rice on Friday and Sunday (7:00 PM and 1:00 PM, respectively). I personally can't wait to play Rice because it is always a battle with them - a battle we always win, I might add - and we look to continue doing so. Also, I'd like to wish "Happy Birthday" to Kelsi, Allison, and Marisa, who all had birthdays within the last week. Ya'll are awesome! Oh, and to all the youth teams who came to support us the past few weeks.... a very BIG thank you! We really enjoy seeing ya'll at our games and getting to meet you afterwards.

Well, I don't have anymore "Anchorman" phrases to sign off with....

Until next time,
Alyssa Pembroke

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