Soccerology Diary

September 13, 2005

When I sat down to write this update for the Women's Soccer team, it was hard to know where to start - more than two weeks have gone by since the first entry! I guess I'll start with a rundown of our games and how we performed in each...

We started our season with a close loss to Texas and our first win at Texas Tech. The most memorable thing about the UT game was that Greta got karate kicked in the face with the bottom of another player's cleat - but a few stitches and many bruises later, she is all better and good as new. It felt good to win out in Lubbock (I had never been there before!), but we knew that we still had work to do to - and three more games coming up within the week.

I didn't get to go to the Oral Roberts game (I am still injured) but I know that besides getting our second win, the team really started to play great soccer in the second half of the game. Things were clicking! That feeling and style of play continued through the TCU game... we dominated the game and came away with our third win. Just two days later, however, we played UNT without the enthusiasm and spark we had before. Sure, it was our 5th game in 10 days, but we knew we should have played better. Fortunately, instead of letting our disappointment ruin an otherwise good start to the season, we turned it around and focused on preparing for our tournament at St. Mary's.

I was bummed that I couldn't go to California (STILL injured), and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't frustrated that I'm not on the field with my teammates. I love to compete and I love the team, so being hurt is stressful in several ways. Our team seems to be having some bad luck when it comes to injuries, but I know we can get through it and continue to play great soccer. Most of what I know from the St. Mary's and Cal games are through Olivia, who so kindly informed me of all I had missed. We got a solid win against St. Mary's in overtime... Kimber had a one-on-one with the keeper and put it away nicely. No one likes having to go into overtime, so it was great to hear that we came out with a win against a good team.

Between games, the team got to roam San Francisco on Saturday and relax with some shopping, food, and plenty of pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge! Sunday's game was against #10 Cal - a great team who played great soccer against us. We didn't play anywhere near the level we are capable of, and left California with a win and a loss. To make matters worse, the team didn't get back to Dallas until 1:30 am Monday morning. I know I'll hear more about the Cal game and the trip tomorrow at practice, and I'm sure the team will work through this disappointing loss.

Well, that is my (somewhat) short summary of what's going on with the SMU Women's Soccer team - we have two really big home games coming up against Pepperdine (9/18) at 1:00 pm and USC (9/23) at 7:00 pm. If we work hard to prepare for these games, we can get two wins against two very good California teams and redeem ourselves after our loss to Cal. Also, we play Baylor on Thursday, September 15 at 7:00 pm at Westcott, so be sure to catch the team in action this week! From all of us here on the SMU Women's Soccer team, I'm Alyssa Pembroke - thanks for stopping by.

Soccerology Diary
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