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Mustang Cup

SMU is committed to the enrichment of its student-athletes’ lives. These areas include: Academic Excellence, Athletic Excellence, Personal & Career Development, and Community Engagement. To recognize this achievement SMU has established the MUSTANG CUP. This award is presented annually to the team that demonstrates "championship effort and attitude" and who earns the most points reflecting the Mustang Way.


Teams earn points by participating in Life Skills programs. At the end of the academic year (fall through spring), the team with the most points is declared the winner and will be presented the Mustang Cup at the All-Sports Banquet and will be recognized at a home football game the following season. It is the responsibility of the SAAC members and individuals on the team to track team participation in the Mustang Cup competition and turn in the appropriate forms so their points may be officially counted. There will be forms available for each category, and they should be filled out by the student-athletes from each team. The Mustang Cup competition will always begin on the first day of fall semester classes and end a week before the All-Sports Banquet. The following is a list of the categories used and the scoring within each category:


Highest Male Team GPA per term = 100 pts

• Highest Female Team GPA per term =100 pts

• Team GPA Points (per term) : o 3.5 or higher = 250 pts

    o 3.0-3.49 = 200 pts

    o 2.5-2.99 = 100 pts

    o 2.0-2.49 = 50 pts


National Championship = 250 pts

• Conference Championship = 100 pts

• Student-athlete recognized for NCAA award = 50 pts


Student-athlete attendance at optional Life Skills events and seminars will earn points for their teams.

• Points will be distributed based on a percentage of attendance from your roster size

• 250 points are available for each personal development event o Example if 24 out of the 30 Men’s Soccer players attended a seminar they would receive 200 points (24/30 = 80%, 250 points x 80% = 200)

    o Points will be rounded to the nearest whole number


Team Points:

Points will be distributed based on a percentage of attendance from your roster size

• 250 points are available for each community service event

Individual Points:

25 points will be awarded to each additional hour of community service perform over the team requirement

• All community service events must be approved prior to participation:

    o The Student-Athlete Promotional Activity Form can be found on our website - TEAM Compliance

    o Please submit forms to the Life Skills office – 204B Loyd All-Sport Center

SAAC reps are responsible for tracking and reporting additional service hours

Throughout the year we will have other random opportunities to earn additional points at games, campus events and calls for service. Announcements for these opportunities can occur at any time via email, Twitter, Facebook, monitors in Loyd and via your SAAC reps.

For questions, please contact Michael Walker in the Life Skills office ( or 214.768.2053





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