Center for the Academic Development of Student-Athletes

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 Opened:  2000
 Location:  Loyd Center | Google maps
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Since opening in the fall of 2000, Gerald J. Ford Stadium and the Paul B. Loyd All Sports Center have been invaluable additions to the Hilltop and a boost to SMU Athletics. Today, the Loyd Center provides the home for the Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center and for the offices SMU's newest support program for student-athletes, the Center for the Development of Student-Athletes (CDSA). Together, these critical programs provide specialized support for SMU student-athletes as they strive for academic excellence.

The CDSA is devoted to cultivating the complete student-athlete experience. At its core, CDSA is a mentoring program. Through a proven mentoring philosophy, the CDSA staff is committed to motivating, encouraging, and empowering student-athletes so that they can maximize their athletic and academic potential. CDSA personnel includes: the Director of Student-Athlete Development, an Associate Director for Testnig and Assessment, as well as four Academic and Life Skills Coordinators, and an Administrative Assistant focused solely on enhancing the student-athlete's total campus experience.

"Academics and athletics go hand-in-hand for student-athletes at SMU," said Dave Wollman, SMU's Assistant A.D./Academic Affairs & Student-Athlete Development and head of the CDSA. "The team will empower each student-athlete with the personal skill set necessary to achieve success in both areas."

The Center for the Development of Student-Athletes is housed in a newly renovated wing on the third floor of the Loyd Center. The newly acquired space includes the new Cangelosi Family computer lab which gives student-athletes greater access to study, research and academic assistance.

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In alignment with the educational mission of the University, we engage the community in meaningful ways and develop the resources necessary to graduate Student-Leaders and pursue championships. Above all else, we prepare Students for life.